Google forms auto-notification when updated
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Looking for a way to have Google forms/spreadsheet send an e-mail notification when a form has been filled out.

We're thinking about using Google Forms to collect data from stakeholders. These forms would be updated at random intervals, completely unknown to those who needs the data. However, far as I can tell, there's no easy way to notify the form's owner that an update has been made. Anyone know of a way to make this happen? Bonus points for highlighting new responses.
--Yes, I know people can just manually check the spreadsheet for updates, but that doesn't always work out very well.
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Best answer: We do this exact thing in my company. Once inside the spreadsheet, Go to Share > Set Notification Rules and you'll be able to set a variety of notification rules, even to send an e-mail when a particular row is updated.
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Response by poster: Ah hah, I had totally missed the giant blue SHARE square. Thanks!
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Best answer: It's also under Tools->Notification Rules
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