Kid's book about traveling to a bunch of fried chicken places to win a contest?
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Yet another story identification: I read a fiction book not aimed at adults sometime pre-2000 about a kid who, for some unremembered reason, needs to travel around the country to eat a (fried chicken?) meal at a lot of a certain fast food franchise to win a contest.

I believe he had to eat a fried chicken meal at one of a certain brand's fast food place in every state, or perhaps at every single store of that franchise. I remember the main character talking about how disgusted he was by his favorite meal by the end, and about how the run-down places had really greasy food compared to the "nicer" ones.

The contest was a national thing, and I don't remember what the prize was. I remember him having to get a book/menu/passport thing stamped as staff at the various locations witness him consume the entirety of the meal. I seem to remember him traveling with a cast of quirky characters, and I'm kinda remembering a teleportation device, or a big weird RV, or an airship.

While I state it was pre-2000, it may have been as early as 1991 and the book was checked out from a library, so it may not have been new even then.

I have spent entirely too long trying to find this book online, and finally I turn to you folks.
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Best answer: Was it, Chicken Trek? I read this book as well :-D
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Response by poster: You are amazing. That's totally it.
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