BookSuggestionFilter: I need to learn R (and about statistics) in a hurry.
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BookSuggestionFilter: I need to learn about R (and statistical modeling) in a hurry.

I need to learn R in a hurry. I'm heading full steam into a new software development project at work where I will be working with some hard-core statistical modelers who are building models in R (as well as using other stuff like SAS).

I have a degree in engineering so I am ok with the math, but it has been over a decade since I did anything with statistics (and it was pretty rough even back then).

I'm looking for some book recommendations for the following:
1) a refresher on general statistics and some introductory material with statistical modeling
2) a book about R for someone who is an experienced software developer
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My favorite R book is Gelman and Hill's "Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models." The book focuses more on regression (both frequentist and Bayesian) than basic probability which sounds like what you're into. Plus it's relatively cheap.

From the software development side, I've heard some good things about R for programmers (pdf link). I haven't read this yet, but a free book is never a bad place to start.

Good luck!
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For personal reasons, I'm hoping this book does the same for me. And, like eisenkr's suggestion, it's free.
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In my experience with free R documentation, it is usually not very good, and is, in part, responsible for the poor reputation of the R learning curve. I recommend An Introduction to S and S-Plus by Phil Spector. Despite the name, it is fine for learning R. I have lost track how many grad students and programmers I have inducted into the R fraternity with this book. It is short and well-written.
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I use R every single day for work.

The only book I would recommend for you is The R Book by Michael Crawley.

It fills both your needs - a refresher on statistics, and a primer on the R language. Totally worth owning a copy.

I can also recommend plenty of online resources if you are interested...
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Also meant to link to this: An intro to R.
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