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Looking for a universally compatible word processing program that can I download for free off the internet.

I'm using Open Office on my computer, which I got for free. It works fine for me but sometimes when I send files to other people they're unable to open them. As I'm applying for academic jobs, this doesn't make me look very good, to say the least. What word processing program, can I get off the internet, for free, that will be universally compatible with any other computers to which I might send files? Thanks!
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Save your documents as RTF.
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OpenOffice also saves files as .doc format, which is a pretty accepted standard for sending resumes.
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yeah you can't save your docs in the .odt format (or whatever they call the openoffice 3.0 docs now). When you save, choose "save as windows 2xxx", the likelihood of compatibility is much better
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Well, OK. You could probably get away with creating & sending rtf files or something, but I doubt that's an acceptable solution.

OpenOffice is as good as it gets. Are you using the latest version & are you saving files in the most compatible Word format? If you save files in recent Word formats & your recipients are using old versions of Word then that's going to be a problem regardless of which word processor you use.

If you're applying for academic jobs, why aren't you just sending pdfs? There's no need for the recipient to be able to edit the applications they receive.
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Use open office to export your documents as PDF. Unless the people you're applying to need to edit your resume (and they don't), then there's no reason to send it in an editable format.

PDFs will appear exactly how you created them on virtually any platform - that's why they were created.
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and on preview, I see we have now said the same thing thrice. UNITY!
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Yeah there's no better program than open office [that's free] for this that's any more than a text editor.

My basic feeling (as someone who teaches people how to do this sort of thing as a job) is that someone, somewhere is going to have an issue with an attachment and the best you can do is either have a few options available [word document, additional link to HTML version or PDF version] or just send them information as text.

The .doc standard, like it or not, is nearly universal and if you use OO to save as a .doc file you're going to be as compatible with the most programs with the least hassle as you can be. RTF should also work but I know for some people the process of opening up an RTF can have a road bump or two [whether it should is another question, but let's talk reality, not dream world] in a way that a .doc won't.
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There isn't one. If typography and formatting are critical, send them PDF. If you want to send a formatted word-processing document, the broadest format is very simple RTF followed closely by MSWord 98 DOC with a very limited set of features and using a narrow set of fonts.
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what chrisamiller said, and if they explicitly ask for word, make the layout as simple as possible before saving it as a word document (.doc).
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Thirding Open Office saved as PDF.
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If you're applying for academic jobs, you should be sending your resume in PDF format.
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Response by poster: When I click on "save as" and then on "save as type" in Open Office, I have the option of saving in .doc format but not pdf, at least not that I can see. Where is it?
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you'll have to get a pdf creator, of which there are several free ones. ummm, someone will beat me to a link so just wait a minute
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It's technically an "export" to PDF. More information is on the Open Office wiki. If you're using a Mac you can also go as if you were going to print the document and in the lower left corner of the print dialog box, there's a PDF button and you can "print to PDF" to get a PDF that way also.
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Open office ships with pdf creation enabled, even on windows.

There's a small PDF button in the standard toolbar, or you can go to File>Export as PDF
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Response by poster: That's great, thanks everyone for all the help! Saved by metafilter yet again.
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Also, if you are really stuck you could use an online file conversion service. I use Zamzar which is FREE and can convert a tonne of different formats including Open Office to Word / PDF.
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Just for completeness' sake, a great and commonly-used free PDF maker is CutePDF. It works like a printer - just go to print your document and choose CutePDF from the list of printers.
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