Gin and tonic - with a twist - in San Francisco
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I'm going to Wootstock in San Francisco on Tuesday night, and will be craving a gin and tonic afterward - specifically Junipero, because of this thread. So, at the risk of turning MeFi into a gin palace: can anyone recommend a nice bar near the Swedish American Hall that serves a mean Junipero and tonic?

And if anyone's in the area, give me a shout - the more the merrier, etc. etc.
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Best answer: Elixir, at 16th and Gurrero.
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Best answer: Elixir is great yeah, also The Alembic has a great drinks menu (horrible website, great bar)
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Direct link to the drinks pdf for alembic
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Best answer: I'd try the Orbit Room down at Guerrero/Market. It'd be a little closer, and heck, maybe Cafe du Nord downstairs from the Swedish.
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Response by poster: This is why I can't move to San Francisco; I'd be out drinking every night. BUT I WANT TO MOVE HERE ANYWAY.

On an unrelated note, that Alembic drinks menu looks brilliant. And ditto for Elixir. I might have to try them both... but keep the suggestions coming. I don't have to leave until Thursday night.
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Best answer: Well, you could try right next door at the Cafe du Nord. Although I can't guarantee they have Junipero - it's been a while since I was there.
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Best answer: I'd plan a visit to Alembic earlier in the afternoon, they open at 12pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The late crowd can be a little taxing/obnoxious. That said, their gin selection is dependable, with several local gins (try 209 while you're at it), a few different genevers and my hands-down favorite, Martin Miller's Westbourne.

Other places to concern yourself with:

Presidio Social Club has an exceptional selection and some real talent behind their long marble bar.

Absinthe and Jardiniere are walking distance from each other and both have great cocktails on the menu and core gin competency. Go for Absinthe's version of a Darb Cocktail and Jardiniere's Martinez if you're a gin fan.

If you're near downtown/Embarcadero, stop in at Boulevard, try one of their Perfect G&Ts, with tonic ice cubes.

Other bar-bars on the list for great drinks, but not necessarily a gin reputation:

Cantina for fresh, latin-inspired drinks

Bourbon & Branch for artisinal cocktails in a speakeasy replica and the best cucumber gin gimlet you'll ever have or their rouge #10, a strawberry and black-pepper gin cocktail that melts my heart

Monk's Kettle for an incredible, five pages long beer menu and tasty noms

Clock Bar tucked into the Westin St. Francis for their humuhumunukunukuapua'a, a play on a gin blackberry bramble with homemade agave orgeat

MeFi mail if you'd like a few drinking friends. My husband and I are serious cocktail hounds but aren't attending the conference.
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Orbit Room all the way. The bartenders there are the tops.
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Try 2223, across the street on Market just south of Sanchez.
Or Martuni's at Valencia and Market.
Cafe du Nord probably has it, but may have a cover for a show.
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Metafilter, tried all the recommendations already (I asked on the other threat). Metafilter, you'rreee soo beaaauuutiful.

On a slightly more sober note: I shall second the Alembic.
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A little late to the mefi gin palace list, but you should also try Pisco, a few blocks east on Market. Mostly rum, but they have good gins in stock too. I know they have my favorite 209, so they may also have Junipero on hand.
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I've been to almost all the bars mentioned so far, but my favorite is Beretta!

It's in the Mission and therefore within walking distance to Elixir and Martuni's and a quick cab ride over to Alembic. Similar artisinal cocktails thing as Alembic and Bourbon and Branch, but with reasonable amounts of seating and great food to boot. I've never had a bad drink there, and their house drinks are all pretty unique.

But that cucumber gin gimlet at Bourbon and Branch that someone mentioned is incredible too.
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Response by poster: I ended up at Elixir (terrifically cool; makes me wish it was my neighbourhood bar); will probably try Alembic tomorrow night, since everyone raves about it.

And have discovered that 209 gin is really really really good. Yoou... *hic* I luv yoooo, Metafilter... *hic*
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Yup, that 209 is good stuff. If you like gin cocktails, please go to the Slow Club and have an Aviation. They make it with 209, and it is easily my favorite gin cocktail ever.
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