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any recommendations for personal finance software for the macintosh? (mi)

i like the auto-sync features that quicken seems to have with many financial institutions, but not all of mine seem to be supported. also, i've read some negative reviews of intuit's (lack of) support for mac.
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Please god someone answer this question, because I'm going nuts trying to find anything. Quicken for Mac is supposed to suck, and I don't know what else could be worthwhile out there.
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I use iBank altho' it might be too basic for you.
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Spooky - I spent this morning looking for the very same! Software that offers international currencies (specifically UK £) would be great, as Quicken for Mac apparently only uses US $. Liquid Ledger was one such app I encountered - any recommendations would be much appreciated.
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Quicken does suck. It totally sucks donkey, but I use it anyway because that's about all i could find, and because I have years and years of financial history in it.

By they way, most of the suckage factor for me was with upgrading to more current versions and the corrupting of existing data. If you're starting from scratch, it might not be too bad. YMMV.

It's probably possible to track a lot of this in Excel or similar. I think I've even seen template spreadsheets out there. I guess the big question would be how sophisticated are you looking to get with this?
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MoneyDance. This was oddly the hardest thing to find after switching. As a bonus it's available for Linux and Windows too.
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I use GnuCash, installed via Fink.
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Chalk me up as needing a good solution too (checking the links, especially good ol' GNUCash as I am partial to OSS in other arenas and just never got around to trying it).

Quicken 2003 has good options for my usage, but is buggy as all get out. Including really, really annoying graphical bugs, such as hiding the area of the register I'm typing in (and keeping it invisible until I close and reopen said register).

Or spontaneously changing which register entry I'm typing in and THEN hiding it, so that when I cancel the transaction it erases an old one and records the unfinished new one. I could go on, but I won't.
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I use Jgnash to input data. A physical file system that mirrors the account structure that I created in Jgnash and designed a spreadsheet in Excel to plug the numbers in, to create reports and specific numbers that I need.
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