Modern VL-Tone?
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What's the modern equivalent of a Casio VL-Tone?

I've seen suggestions like the microKORG, MINIKP, and KAOSSILATOR, but that really doesn't capture the same segment. I'm looking for something appropriate for a 5 year old.
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Um, a Casio VL-tone from the thrift store? Barring that, there's a proliferation of little kid's electronic keyboards (simple & durable for kids), just stop in at any Toys R Us or similar store.

If you're looking specifically for the modern product that fills the exact same niche as the VL-Tone did (simple & durable for "grown-ups"), I don't think that niche exists anymore.
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I've found that Vtech keyboards, in particular something like the the Music Major and Little Smart DJ have sounds that will make it popular for years to come [like the VL-tone]. Both of those keyboards can sometimes be found at thrift stores and they have a stronger array of features and sounds than your typical slapped-together keyboard.

Really, your best option is to go to a thrift store and buy old keyboards.
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dude that thing was straight up AWESOME. I had that exact one as a kid!

how 'bout beaterator? Does your 5 year old have a PSP? You can sample your own voice and make sweet loops to rap over, etc. It is awesome!

watch timbaland play with it with his kid on youtube. it's amazing.
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