Adventurous Couple in Paris
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Upcoming trip to Paris and we want some good clean straight dirty couples fun that's not too touristy, not too hardcore. We'll be staying in Montmartre, near the red light district and are feeling adventurous ... Any cool hot spots? All nighttime fun suggestions, including live music, toy stores, couples-friendly strip clubs, cabaret/lounge acts ... much appreciated!
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I heard that there's a place in France where the naked ladies dance, and there's a hole in the wall where the men can see it all... but unfortunately, I don't have any details.
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There are toy stores and strip clubs all over the Pigalle district, though it's cleaned up a LOT lately. Get off the Metro at the St. George stop, and take a gander. You'll be near the Moulin Rouge, and just a few blocks off of it are plenty of grown-up places to visit.
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There's also the Erotic Museum, in case you're looking for more upscale.
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Look for the Crazy Horse
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Ask a taxi driver, they are always in the know.
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getupandgo made me laugh out loud.

I thought about making a Jack Ryan joke, but I'll leave it to everyone to make their own.

I believe the fanciest couples-friendly strip club in Paris is something called the Pink Paradise; Stringfellow's has opened a Paris spot in the 17eme. [nsfw links]
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