Yoga in Ubud
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Yoga classes in Ubud. [more inside]

I'm currently on holiday in Ubud on Bali. I have 4-5 days here. I'll be checking out Antonio Blanco's house this afternoon but any other recommendations would be appreciated. stavrosthewonderchicken maybe?
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Hey! That's me!

Sorry, I can't remember many details about Ubud other than I loved it passionately. Been about ten years since I was there, though I did stay for a week or two.

Mostly, my girlfriend and I just wandered around and met people. Lovely place, lovely people. There's a bar on the very top floor of the place on the other side of the bridge across the gorge from 'downtown' that I remember having fun at.... beyond that, well, it's a bit of a blur. Perhaps that's why.
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I think you mean Indus restaurant stav. Turn left at the top (town) end of Monkey Forest Road (which is now part of the Ubud one-way system - times have changed ;-) & follow the main road (Raya Ubud) round the corner & up the hill. Indus is on the right. Not cheap (by local standards) but the view is excellent.

A little further up on the same side is the Neka Museum with works from Lempad, Spies et al.

The area to the east of the bridge on Raya Ubud is Penestanan home to the 'Young Artists' style.

The Agung Rai (ARMA) has lots of work from the major artists.

If you haven't got one already, our best best is to hire a motorbike (get a Honda Tiger if you have some experience, go with a moped if not) for the few days you are there as the Ubud region is spread over a surprisingly wide area and there is so much to see if you want to.

It's worth getting out into the countryside (esp. north of Ubud) & getting lost. You'll get a great view of what Bali is about outside what is nowadays a busy city. The view north towrds the volcanos are stunning.

Tip for finding your way: If you are crossing a river/stream/gorge then you are going across (East-West line) and if you are following the line of a river/stream/gorge then you're going along the North-South line with the chances that if you are going steadily uphill you're heading north towards either Mt. Kintamani/Lake Batur (NNE) or Mt. Mangu/Penggilingan/Batukaru (NNW).

Yogo? No idea but there's a lot of it about.
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Best answer: Well - to wrap this up for future reference.
1) If you are told to go to the place near Blanco's house, Villa Melati - they have a yoga hall but no-one seems to know when there will be any yoga happening in it and they have misplaced the business card of the instructor.
2) At the Bali Buddha Cafe they have a timetable on the notice board but they only have medium to advanced classes Monday to Saturday midday (no beginners).
3) See Made at the Villa Kerti Yasa and he will give you a contact but you'll have to be keen, classes at 6:30 in the morning.
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