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Auomating Mac Filter: I want to upload a movie to a free video sharing site from the command line. How?

I currently have a system where I email an image to my Mac Mini which upload the image to TinyPic then Twitters the caption and image URL: ("This is a cool picture! - http://bt.ly/example")

I want to do the same thing with videos. The only problem is that I do not know how to automate uploading a short video to a video sharing site. I found this python script to upload a video to Revver, but using the following command, I cannot get the video to upload:

python /Users/example/RevverExamplePython/revver-upload-video.py /Users/example/revverupload/movie.3gp --login Username --passphrase-file /Users/example/revverpassphrase.txt --age-rating 1 --title test --tag test --author test --url http://www.example.com/ --credits test --description test

Which returns an unnamed error. So, in the end, I want a system to upload a video to any video sharing site and return the URL (or video id) for that video. Help?
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If it's just submitting a web upload form, you could use curl - you'd probably have to login first to get your session cookies. As for getting the uploaded movie URL, that requires a bit more scripting.
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Response by poster: The script needs to run in the background. I can figure out a way to get the uploaded video's URL. If curl can upload in the background, how would I do that?
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If you know enough to do basic scripting in PHP, Python, or some such, YouTube's API is documented here:


with sample code for a bunch of languages available here:

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