What was that "Make the Boomers PAY" commercial I saw as a kid?
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I remember this commercial from back in last century, about the youth putting their elders on trial, basically for leaving them an f'd-up world. I also remember it getting pulled from the airwaves for ruffling too many feathers. What was it?

I remember the scene as being dark, with rows of kids looking down in judgment on this old man.

The prosecutor was this young blond boy, and his message, as I remember it, communicated "Your generation screwed things up! You pooched the environment, muddied the waters, befouled the air, saddled us with debt, all while living the high life.

"Now we have to deal with the mess you, our elders made before we were even born. What have you to say for yourself?"

And the old man stammers something like "Uh... we didn't know."

Those are my impressions. What was this, and am I remembering correctly that it got yanked for touching too many raw nerves?

And yes, I'm assuming the elder on trial would have been an old Boomer by the time depicted in the scene. Having read 13th Gen; Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail? is why I make that assumption. Just FYI.
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Could be wrong but I'm sure I saw a spot like this recently, like the last couple of months. Sorry cant come up with anything more.
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