glasses for big nose
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Where can I buy glasses that complement a large nose? Preferably something similar in style to this. Los Angeles area or online.
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glassy eyes is pretty much the definitive online cheap glasses resource. don't let the low prices fool you. Retail markup in this industry is beyond ridiculous.
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I just got these in the mail yesterday. The "crystal" colored part on the inside is a little thicker than I expected, but it does make for a damn sturdy pair of glasses. I found the site through the glassy eyes blog, not sure if they have any active coupons for that site but they do for several others. I'm still waiting for the pair I ordered from
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As far as actually finding a pair that work on your face, you should go to a few actual storefronts where they have a selection of frames and take a look at the frames in person. The style you linked comes in a lot of shapes, and there are multiple factors in choosing the shape of frame that you should buy (your nose size is one, your face shape is another, etc.)

If you are unsure which styles are best, bring a stylish friend or an less-stylish-friend-with-a-camera to see what the frames look like on you. Pictures can also help if you want to compare the styles you see in the store with these cheaper online retailers linked above.
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The key to finding good glasses online is window shopping in a store, as aabbbiee suggests, but the most important part is taking measurements. Look on the inside of the bow of a pair you try in person that you like. There will be three numbers, most likely. One is the total width across the front, which averages 140mm and up. The next is lens width (~50mm and up), and the smallest number is nose bridge width (~15-20mm). Then you go online and shop, matching not only the style but the numbers, as much as possible. That way you don't end up with something too wide for your face, or a pair that slides off your nose.
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Speaking as a large nosed, glasses wearing person, I'd say that your face shape is much more important to consider when choosing glasses than your nose size. For example, those rectangular glasses look great on someone with a round face. If your big nose is part of a big head, be careful shopping at zenni - I found their frames pinched my temples, and I had paid close attention to measurements.
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There's also I have a pair on the way from them right now. Delivery was much quicker than zenni optical (1 week with firmoo vs. 4-6 weeks at zenni). I agree that face shape is as important as nose size. I've also heard that angular features (regardless of size) do better with rounded frames, and rounded features do better with angular frames.
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