Does this dress make me look fat? How about these running shoes ?
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Why were 100-200 (I think) people (mostly men) wearing red cocktail dresses chasing two people in bunny costumes laying a flour/chalk running trail through downtown Portland this past weekend?

While visiting Portland this weekend we were driving through downtown and happened upon the above described scene. Our friends who live in the city didn't know (but they've only been there 2 years).

Sooo, any ideas? Quick google action indicates it might be the Red Dress PDX, group but I didn't see anything listed for this past weekend...
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Best answer: I think the key part of your question is "Portland", but I digress. It sounds like a Hash House Harriers event.
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Best answer: Hashing, specifically the Red Dress Run.
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Best answer: Just came here to say that Oktober. According to the calendar for the Oregon Hash House Harriers, Saturday the 10th was their Oregon H3 Red Dress Run.

More info about HHH in general here.
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Best answer: Hash house Harriers? They had an event on Sat

OH3 Red Dress Muddy Balls & Pabst Smear
Oregon H3 Red Dress Run
Saturday October 10th
Hares Muddy Balls and Pabst Smear
Keg tapped at 1PM Hares off at 2PM
Where: Couch Park NW 19th Ave and NW Glisan Downtown Portland
Taking Public transit or carpooling is highly recommended.
Cost: $10 Hash Cash, Red Dress required, bring a vessel, and ID is required(even if you look as old as Stink Finger)
Call Pabst Smear (503-653-1049) if needing to catch up
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Doh beat to the punch. I heard about hashing for the first time when they caused a terrorism scare at my local Ikea :P
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