Mac "vs" puzzle games please!
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I'm looking for some decent "vs" puzzle games that I and my 3 young boys (10 and under) can play against each other on my mac (a fun and silly chess game would be a plus, too). We have 2 macs in the house, so any online options would be welcome too! TIA.
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There are a handful of neat competitive puzzle games in the cute, family-friendly MMORPG Puzzle Pirates. Based on what you've said, I'd particularly recommend the Drinking Game, which is a strategic board game playable by 2 or more people.

Parts of the game cost money, but you can play all the puzzles for free. They're totally free on certain days (as documented here), and I believe that it's always free to challenge another player to a competitive game (like Drinking) by clicking directly on their pirate.
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Lux Deluxe is an awesome risk game for the mac.
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Not a computer game, but a fun and silly chess variant.

We used to play a version of chess we called suicide chess. The pieces moved as normal, but if you could capture a piece, you had to take it. If you had options, then the choice was up to the taker. The goal was to be the first to lose all of your pieces (the game didn't stop when the king was captured)
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Quadradius (not a puzzle exactly but tons of endless online fun)
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