Things to Do and See and Eat on the Western Side of the Green Mountains
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My sister planned a trip for us to Vermont next weekend, and we are driving up from the Boston area on Friday morning. We will be heading to the western side of the Green Mountains (in between Arlington and Manchester), and I'd love your recommendations for everything and anything in the area and along the way.

I did a search for Vermont on the sight, but there doesn't seem to be any info on this specific part of the state.

I'd be particularly keen on recommendations for particular hiking trails in the Green Mountains or elsewhere, other potentially fun outdoor antics, and any strong opinions on local restaurants, roadside attractions, alpaca farms etc. in the area or places to stop or eat or sightsee along the way.

Our likely course will be Route 2 through W. Massachusetts, and then Route 9 through Vermont. And it looks like it is going to be cold.

Thank you!
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This is practically my old backyard.

For hikes, where you'll be is very close to where the Appalachian Train and Long Trail diverge. There's some info at the Green Mountain Club's web site, and more (including some maps?) at

The Mountain Goat in Manchester is an amazing outdoor outfitter. Probably the best in the state, if not the region.

Brattleboro's a great little town with plenty of great restaurants, bars, local stores, and coffee shops. You'll also be sad if you miss lunch at Dot's Diner right in the middle of Wilmington.

If I think of more, I'll chime back in. Have fun!
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Eat at Al's French Frys and get a Maple Creamy (soft-serve ice cream).
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It's snowing here in Central Vermont today, just to let you know. The Blue Benn in Bennington is a super popular local diner, though super popular often means crazily full. I went through Western MA this weekend and really enjoyed walking through the Federated Women's Club State Forest. It's in New Salem MA not Vermont but it was a lovely hike through the woods and by the Quabbin.
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I've enjoyed visiting Robert Todd Lincoln's mansion in Manchester.
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