Not-Ugly Kindle Case?
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What is the best, prettiest, most protective case for a Kindle?

I have a Kindle 2. It currently goes naked in my purse, but for a variety of reasons that is a very bad idea. I have looked at these cases on Amazon and these pricey cases, but haven't found the perfect thing yet. Etsy is coming up with sleeves, but not cases that hold the Kindle at all times.

Priorities: The case should be aesthetically pleasing (no vinyl/neoprene/pleather). It should hold the Kindle tightly but allow access to the various buttons. It should allow for one-handed reading while walking; this probably means it should have a relatively thin profile. Pockets are not important. I have a slight preference for the flip-top orientation from the first link rather than the side-spine, book-like orientation of the second (which seems like it wouldn't fold over flat, given the thick leather).

Any ideas?
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I have an M-Edge cover, with the traditional left-side spine, in jade green leather. I really like it; my Kindle is tossed around in the bottom of my gigantic, junk-toting purse every day and never comes loose and doesn't get dirty or damaged.

You're correct, it doesn't fold over flat. But the flip-top version doesn't seem that it will hold the Kindle as securely, given that it doesn't utilize the side clip slots on the device that b1tr0t mentioned. The corner elastics used on the top of the flip-top cover look like they're the same style used on the outside (right side) corners of the side-opening cover, and I know that on mine, those will slip off sometimes (but the clips at the left spine hold it in the cover securely unless they are deliberately released).

Also, if the spine on the flip-top version is made the same way as the spine on the side-opening version I use, folding it over flat would probably eventually damage the cover. The leather is thick, and even in the spine, there seems to be some sort of additional reinforcing layer inside the leather, as well.

With those caveats, I do recommend the M-Edge covers if you're looking for something different than the Amazon cover.
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I have a Belkin sleeve for it that I really love. It goes inside my laptop bag with me nearly everywhere. When I take it out of the sleeve, I read it without any cover/protection. It's definitely the best solution for me.
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I also have the Amazon cover. It keeps the Kindle well-protected in my backpack, which I tend to be very rough with. The only disadvantage is that it triples the thickness of the Kindle, and probably doubles the weight. It's not that the cover is thick or heavy, it's that the Kindle is really thin and light :)

The Amazon cover is easy to remove and set aside for maximum reading comfort. I do that about half the time. But really, it's a protective case that is very non-intrusive.
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I've got a left-side-spine M-Edge as well (the Prodigy model), and while it doesn't fold flat, it folds close enough to flat that I can very easily do the one-handed-reading-while-walking thing.
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Response by poster: There are a few non-amazon covers that work with these slots as well.

Now you're just teasing us. Links?

I definitely do not want a sleeve.
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Response by poster: Also, the Amazon cover does not have a latch ... if it gets knocked off a dresser, wouldn't the cover just flap open and leave the Kindle unprotected? My cats are amateur physicists and enjoy testing gravity.
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I've dropped my kindle in it's cover a couple times and never had a problem. It's heavy enough that I think a cat would have easier targets to push around.
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I was disappointed with the variety for sale online, so I made my own.

Don't know if this is your thing, but I took a blank journal that has a hard cover and a very strong magnetic closure and removed all the pages. Then I glued in a hard pressboard backing with elastic straps at the corners to hold the kindle in place. This way my charging ports and on/off are still accessible, but sides, buttons, and screen are well protected. Fold-back covers allow for one-handed operation. I'm really pleased with it. MeMail if you want more info/photos.
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I got the M-Edge Prodigy in the mail yesterday and it looks good. Decent quality and nice leather. Just need the K2i to get shipped.
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