Can I screen out the six legged bastards?
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Would placing an additional window screen material on the outside of a vent cause ventilation problems?

This summer I wound up locked inside my apartment in terror because a group of wasps elected a pipe in my a/c unit (located on my balcony) as their new home. Since my fiancee and I are both allergic to bees, and because we chose our apartment for its balcony, this is a source of serious frustration - especially since even after exterminators killed the nest and our maintenance guy removed it, the wasps continued to return to our balcony in particular. I'll be damned if I let six legs win.

My idea to prevent this from happening again is to make sure that there is no way they can crawl inside the outdoors-exposed vent that contains our heating and cooling unit. So I want to fix a screen that is tightly woven enough that bees can't get into it. What I want to know before getting happy with knives, screens and glue is whether the additional screen would cause any technical problem with ventilation, etc.? It doesn't seem so to me, but mechanical issues aren't something I'm well versed in.

Note: This is a rental, but I'm willing to take a deposit hit to avoid further bees.
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shouldn't cause any problems, but posting pics might help us determine what the best solution is.
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Response by poster: I'll put one up tomorrow when it's not hella dark out.
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