Webcam Automatic Image Upload
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Webcam Automatic Image Upload: I want to have my webcam picture automatically uploaded to my server every once in a while and displayed on my website because I'm narcissistic to provide visitors with somewhat interactive content. [More Inside]

I'm looking for something free that will do that for me, but lately free stuff has been hard to find through the google junk I get. Any help from you Axewielders?
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Assuming you are using Windows, Webcam XP is excellent. It's not free, but it's cheap and very good.
posted by Mwongozi at 9:04 AM on January 1, 2005

Response by poster: Ah yes, I am using windows XP professional. Sorry for not mentioning that.
posted by christin at 9:07 AM on January 1, 2005

I am a fan of SpyCam. It's nice, simple and cheap.
posted by pookzilla at 9:48 AM on January 1, 2005

Webcam Timershot from the Microsoft XP powertoys is free and simple. You'll have to setup a script to do the upload.
posted by tumble at 10:26 AM on January 1, 2005

Dorgem will automatically take pictures, upload. It's free and open source.
posted by adam at 10:37 AM on January 1, 2005

Cam2Web is free and worked for me a while ago, with a little extra scripting to do what I wanted (old, and slightly odd web site, but works fine). The XP Webcam Timershot I found sucked up a lot system resources, for some reason. I was surprised when I last looked that there wasn't more free stuff. On preview Dorgem looks pretty good.
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