Where can I find movies or tv shows that are spoken in Spanish with English subtitles?
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Where can I find some movies or tv shows that are spoken in Spanish with English subtitles?

I'm going to be in Buenos Aires, Argentina for awhile and to help improve my Spanish skills I'd like to watch some movies or television shows in Spanish, with English subtitles. But I'm having a hard time locating any; the TV stations here tend to have the opposite: English-language programs with Spanish subtitles. (Which, while helping my reading skills, isn't helping my listening comprehension very much.)

Any idea where I might be able to find what I'm looking for? (In-person or on-line is fine, I have a pretty good internet connection here.)

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most/all movies listed in the foreign movies section under Spanish of your movie rental store, or Netflix, will have English subtitles.
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Search for these directors -

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Do you get mun2 on your cable network? They broadcast lots of their shows half in English and half in Spanish. Not exactly what you're looking for, but I think it's fantastic to practice your spanish. Here's a video example of what they broadcast.
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Best answer: movies or tv shows that are spoken in Spanish with English subtitles

That's the usual format for any Spanish-language (or 'foreign') DVD you might rent or purchase.

But are you sure that's what you want? I find I get a lot more value from foreign-language films when they are also captioned in that same language subtitles (captions, I suppose)... and I can imagine the reverse being useful (English audio, Spanish subtitles) too.
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Spanish-language news shows are not too hard for me, generally. Although there are no subtitles, you pretty much know the news already anyway, and the graphics and slow, enunciated words are helpful.
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watch the devil's backbone, pan's labyrinth, the orphan.

The foreign section suggestion is good.
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I was going to suggest the del Toro movies djduckie mentions above, but actually, all kinds of English-language movies and TV shows (on DVD) have (dubbed) Spanish-language tracks and the option of English subtitles. (Off the top of my head, I remember that "Angel" in Spanish is unintentionally pretty funny, because the title character's voice doesn't sound remotely like the actual actor's -- yes, I was bored enough one day to watch "Angel" in Spanish.)
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Y Tu Mama Tambien. Warning: It's very R-rated.
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Another thing you can do is find out if any of the shows you already like are dubbed into Spanish. Then you can watch them with the english subtitles on. I know this isn't specifically what you asked for, but I'm suggesting it because personally, I enjoy watching shows I already like, dubbed into French, with the English subtitles. You're lucky because in my experience Spanish is more common than French for American shows.
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In Spanish class, we watched a lot of Que Pasa USA, which is a bilingual comedy (not exactly what you asked for, but possibly still helpful!)
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Best answer: I don't know about in other libraries, but here's one way of finding many of them at one of my local libraries. Starting from Advanced Search, do a keyword search for (without quotes) "spanish language materials english subtitles" and click on the Video, DVD, or Quick Flick DVD buttons. You're going to get same false hits, but also a lot of good ones.
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Lo Más TV offers what you're looking for, if I'm understanding you correctly. You can even choose Argentine shows.
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Best answer: Definitely watch Argentine television, and I would go so far as to say that Mexican and continental Spanish are not going to be too helpful in furthering your ability to understand Argentine Spanish, which is an entirely different beast, and I think most Spanish speakers would agree with me. I liken it to this: my English is American, and while I can understand a Scot, it can be really tough sometimes. My Spanish is Mexican, and it can be really tough for me to understand an Argentine sometimes. My husband and I watch a lot of Spanish news channels, and we always chuckle at how different Argentines sound from other Spanish speaking nations. It can sound like an entirely different language, I am not even kidding.
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(Which, while helping my reading skills, isn't helping my listening comprehension very much.)

Be careful. Though any exposure is good, of course, translated subtitles are notoriously inaccurate - usually for reasons of fitting the entire dialogue on the screen rather than sloppiness. I watch a lot of well-budgeted French films with English subtitles and frequently the English subtitles do not accurately reflect what was said.
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Response by poster: rokusan, I think you're right - Spanish language with Spanish subtitles would be better than English subtitles. I just didn't even think I could find something like that - any ideas for how or where I can find that?

Thanks for all the other great suggestions, everyone. (And for the warning on the accuracy of subtitles. I'm aware of it but I appreciate the reminder, wackybrit!) Will try to let you know what I end up being able to find here in Buenos Aires.
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