Need money now thankyou.
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What are some good tech-centric temp agencies in L.A.?

Hi! Yet another in my long series of job-trauma questions.

I'm currently between jobs- I'm a web/software developer, specializing in flex/AS3 but with years and years of doing html/js/ajax/php type stuff too. I have a pretty strong resume, I like to think, going back about 10 years.

I'm currently getting contacted by a lot of recruiters and going on a lot of interviews, but it's a very drawn-out process. Basically I need a gig to bring in some money now- cutting up PSDs or whatever is fine, I'm not proud at this point. I'm curious if anyone knows any decently reputable agencies who could get me something like this soon. Specific names of agencies are appreciated, referrals to specific people are even more appreciated. (meMail me if you like).

(I'd also be interested in where I can advertise myself as a flex freelancer, but I'm more inclined towards W2 right now for a few reasons.)

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Response by poster: Oh this is in Los Angeles, since I forgot to mention in the body of the question. Eastside preferred, willing to travel west if necessary, telecommute ideal.
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Best answer: Hello, fellow LA web geek! For a good contracting company, you probably want SMCI or ProSum. I've used the former and had a good experience. Check out for leads -- and if you see any descriptions that say something like "Tea Template experience" or "GoPublish" in them and you're like WTF?, that's a hint that the company you'll be working at is Disney or a Disney offshoot, as these are proprietary tools used there. Disney, or one of the other studios (CBS, NBC/Universal, Paramount, Sony, etc.), are your best bet for a quick gig, since they're almost always hiring contractors, since they don't have to pay them benefits nor include them in headcount or firing reports to their stockholders.

Stay the hell away from working at TMZ (which may advertise itself as Warner Brothers / Telepictures) unless you sincerely hate yourself. Trust me, I have stories... I have also heard bad things about working at E! and CitySearch, both of which also hire web folks in LA.

Good luck!
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Have you tried looking at for freelancing?

Sometimes its relatively small change. I got a reasonably quick php and sql job for $100.

But there are some longer term prospects there.
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It was 9 years ago, but Artisan Creative hooked me up with a couple of great gigs - as you can tell by their name they're more graphic/web design oriented, but I seemed to fill a more technical niche in their stable. If you've ever done work around converting Photoshop/Illustrator designs into functional flash or HTML/CSS interfaces it might be worth giving them a call.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all!

Asparagirl, I know all too well the horror of TEA templates and GoPublish, and I know what it means when someone has a "major entertainment client in North Hollywood, CA." I have worked at Disney 3 separate times, I interviewed there recently, they have not gotten back to me for two weeks, even after I nailed the interview, so I'm guessing they don't want me right now for whatever obscure reason.
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