Two rings become one... or two...
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My wife's birthday is at the end of October, and I want to do something with two rings that we used to wear before we got married. Any ideas?

My wife's birthday is the last week of October, and I've been trying to think of something personal to give her. We have two rings that we used to wear before we got married - both silver (at least, I know mine is).

What are some good idea to do with these rings? I've thought of things as simple as tying them together in a nice framed box with a picture of our wedding (which was just in May). But that's about the extent of my creativity.

Any other ideas about what to do with the two rings?
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Best answer: Can you take them to a jeweler and have them linked together (it would require cutting one), and then maybe have a chain attached to turn them into a necklace?
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Could you take them to a jeweler and have something like this made?
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Could you take them to a jeweler and have something like this made?

That is exactly what I was picturing!
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If one is small enough to fit inside the other, you could have something like this made, with the rings flattened out.
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Best answer: I actually like the idea of a shadowbox, as you suggested, but maybe with your wedding invitation, or a favorite love poem printed nicely, or better yet something you wrote yourself, or something as simple as the word "love" or "forever" (especially nice if you arrange the rings in the symbol for infinity).
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Are you sure she won't mind it? I know I can be overly-sentimental, but I think for *me* it could ruin the actual meaning of the piece. You know her best, but I just wanted to toss this out there.
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What about getting a nice photo frame and attaching each ring to the top of it, center-mounted, and take your favorite photo of the two of you from before you got married as a celebration of your dating history pre-marriage?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the ideas - I think having them interlocked, and then putting it in the shadow box might be the best bet.

And I'm not worried about ruining anything - they're literally sitting in a box, since we don't wear them anymore, and we replaced them with our wedding bands. I'd like to get them out and make sure they're seen!
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Response by poster: In case anyone checks this again - I ended up getting them interlocked, and not getting a chain or anything, as I wanted to give her the option as what to do with them. It cost $15 at a local jeweler. She ended up having an old white gold chain that she loves, and running it through both of them. She's been wearing it the past few days, so I assume she's happy with it!

Thanks Mefites!
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