Name that movie about space cadets!
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Name that movie (possibly a TV movie) about space cadets. (More inside)

Okay, this has stumped me for a decade.

In the late '80s or early '90s I watched a movie about young trainees on a futuristic spaceship. Because a murder plot is afoot, their instructor mysteriously gets trapped in an airlock. He issues a dark warning before the computer shoots him into space.

Which leaves the teenyboppers on their own. They land on an abandoned planet that was used for the World's Fair, but is now in ruins, and populated by underworld types. Meanwhile there's a love triangle and someone is in love with the girl training to be the ship's medical officer. But as he is declaring his feelings, the ship comes under attack by bad guys.

That's all I remember.
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Earth Star Voyager? Miniseries I think.
posted by fvw at 8:46 AM on December 31, 2004

That sounds pretty interesting. Especially the bit about the World's Fair.
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Wow, amazing. That sounds like it. Thanks!
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You'd think so, but it hasn't aged well in my opinion. You hear lots of people rave about it, but I was seriously bored by the end.
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You're welcome, I'm glad I finally knew one of these, everybody involved always seems to have so much fun. It's just a pity I didn't break the speed record, 7 minutes is slow for AskMeFi standards I think.
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Yeah, it sounds really terrible, but I think I watched it at an impressionable age and was left wanting to meet a really beautiful space medicine intern.

From my Google search I see that it opens with a futuristic vision of people buying McDonald's with biometric technology. In my mind I always mixed that up with the soda machine in the first episode of Robotech.
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I think everyone gets their "one bad series/film" that they totally loved as a kid but is embarassing when they're older. For me it'd be Adventures in Babysitting (a.k.a. A Night On The Town) starring Elisabeth Shue.
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