Where to get a list of guitar pick-up electrical characteristics?
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Where can I find a reference chart of the electrical characteristics of common electric guitar pick-ups?

Guitar pick-ups have an inherent resistance, capacitance, and inductance. For simulation purposes I need a reference chart listing these values for common pick-up types. Data for individual pick-ups is fairly easy to come by, but I'm looking for a single resource with many different types.

For anyone interested, this question was inspired by the first schematic on this excellent webpage: Rangemaster.de
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You probably need to contact individual manufacturers of pickups.
This page for Dimarzio pickups has the output in millivolts and DC resistance. I'm not an electrical engineer but ain't there some formula to work out capacitance and inductance from the voltage and resistance.

I doubt there is such a single resource like what you're after. If there is it's probably not available for free off the internet. Check out forums for DIY pickup winders, someone there may have done some of the investigation for you.
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