Does Extenze work? Is it effective for both males and females?
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Does Extenze work? Is it effective for both males and females?

Has anyone tried it before? I like to hear first-hand experiences. Thanks!
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In a word, no. They've already been sued.
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Best answer: Jesus Christ, of course it doesn't work. Don't be a sucker.
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In 2006 ExtenZe agreed to pay the Orange County, California district attorney’s office $300,000 in civil penalties for unfair business practices and false advertising. Susan Kang Schroeder of the DA office said the company couldn’t back up its claim that the pills caused users’ penises to grow 27%.

Errr... yeah. I think if anything could do THAT it would be a heck of a lot more famous and well-known.

(Like, nations would crumble.)
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Best answer: *checks your time zone*

The answer is to stop watching late-night TV and go to bed, there's nothing good on anyway.
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How would Extenze be effective for females? I'm just wondering. Would my clitoris grow 27%? That's scary.
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wv kay in ga: I seem to recall hearing that Viagra and similar drugs were somewhat effective in women by increasing blood flow to the clitoris. That may be where the OP got the idea.
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indigorain is correct. some people think that the lack of actual sexual enhancement drugs for females is sexist as there doesn't have to be a lot different about the pills - they just aren't approved for lady bits. i know some couples who claim that viagra is in fact more useful for her to take than for him.

extenze is not one of these drugs, as it doesn't work.
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Would my clitoris grow 27%? That's scary

Says you...

I think the problem is the relative size and position of the organ in males versus females. I'm not sure if the lady part has the same blood pressure cuff action, either. Where in the male, as the blood flows in and increases pressure, it closes off the return valves, continuing the pressure build until equilibrium is reached. If the lady part doesn't work like that, then mere blood pressure increases won't be as effective (in the aggregate).

It also depends on what the problem is in the first place- if blood flow is the issue, then something like Viagra would work.

The ingredients in Enzyte probably do raise blood pressure. The question, is it enough, and targeted enough, to make a difference? Usually not.
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Extenze works as well as ground up tiger penis.
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Best answer: If you really want to enlarge your penis, you can probably gain about 1/2" with careful regular use of a penis pump, but that is likely not a permanent change. Lasts about 4-6 months (after you've been through a good 6 month regimen of regular use), mostly because it will increase the amount of blood which flows into the spongy tissue of the penis until your body adjusts to having that new amount of erectile fluid filling the spongy mass.

The other choice is to have surgery, which involves something like relocating some of the material inside your body which is attached to tendons? or ligaments? or something slightly further down the interior penile shaft, which may (or may not) be successful in helping you achieve greater erection size outside your body.

if you simply want help maintaining an erection, Viagra works great. Don't get suckered into the "Cialis for daily use" nonsense, unless your life is really so sexually intense that you have to overcome flaccidity at any moment of any day. Mostly that's a game to get you to pay a lot of money for a medication you won't use that often. Other non-medicative methods of maintaining an erection include cock-rings and other such devices.

Extenze is a rip-off from the moment you sign up. Even with the "free month's trial", you have to sign up to their subscription service to even get the starter pills, and from that point on, you're stuck with a monthly charge for useless pills until you can convince them to cancel, which from what I understand is next to impossible.
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