Semi-romantic, awesome places to eat in Boston's North End?
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Where in Boston's North End should my wife and I have our anniversary dinner?

Twelfth anniversary is next week and we've decided on the North End because we love it and don't eat there enough. I've seen this thread and I've looked at other Boston food threads but found nothing. We don't need to break the bank but want something more than pizza.

Money isn't an issue. We'll eat anything, we love most things, and we want more than spaghetti and red sauce. We prefer "really fucking good" more than trendy though trendy AND really fucking good is fine. I'd prefer decent sized portions to "this single walnut is infused with saffron oil and the tears from orphaned Italian children"

They'll need to accept reservations and not be so popular they'll be booked a week in advance.

So? Semi-romantic, awesome places to eat in Boston's North End?
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No idea if they accept reservations, but my favorite North End restaurant, by virtue of being open for lunch and having a lunch menu representative of the quality of their dinner menu, is Ristorante Fiore on Hanover. Their pomodoro alla caprese appetizer is to die for.
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Ristorante Saraceno, which is conveniently right next door to Cafe Vittoria for an after-dinner coffee. It is also, unfortunately, also right next door to Mike's.

If you like dark and cozy, reserve a table in the wine room. If you like bright and airy, reserve a table on the top floor.
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Mamma Maria is very good and a typical suggestion for this kind of occasion.
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I had an excellent meal at Bricco a while back.
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Ah, your "reservations" requirement makes me unable to recommend the delicious Daily Catch, but I can at least second Cafe Vittoria for both coffee and cannoli.
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Mr. Informed and I tried Trattoria Il Panino, basically by chance, and it was fairly good. They do take reservations, and they have an outdoor, covered, heated patio. So you can eat outdoors even if the weather cools down next week--does that qualify as semi-romantic?
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Dolce Vita Ristorante is easily my fav on the North End. I eat there every time I'm in Boston and have been blown away with the service and food quality every time. I think I ate my weight in linguine and clam sauce there one night.
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Mantra. It's on Temple Pl. Indian/French. Superb.
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Best answer: Taranta is where I had the best steak I've ever had in my life, though it was four years ago now. I just checked, and it's still on the menu (Filet en costra de Cafe Espresso).

Last time I went to Boston (about a year ago), Taranta was closing up, and recommended I go to Lucca. The food there was also excellent. Portions at both, if I remember right, were good but not enormous.

For what it's worth, the guy at Taranta recommended against Dolce Vita, but I've never been there and can't give my own judgment.
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Response by poster: We ended up at Taranta. Nice cozy place, though a bit loud. Somebody's Italian grandmother was sitting at the table next to us. We suspected that's HER table and she's there all the time. Nice touch.

Food was excellent, though my steak (the same one mentioned above) was a bit overdone and I'm too much of a weenie / nice guy to send it back. The first course, spinach ravioli w/ panceta, peas and mushrooms was AWESOME and could have been a meal in itself.

Service was great, waitstaff were friendly.

I'd go back.
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So glad to to hear you liked it, though I'm bummed about the overdone steak. Happy anniversary!
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