Who doesn't own their .com?
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What are some examples of a large company or brand not owning or using the "obvious" domain name like company.com or brand.com? Examples from the past would also be useful.
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The classic example is that Nissan Motor Company still uses nissanusa.com and nissan-global.com because Nissan Computer Corp got nissan.com first.

Southwest Airlines used to use iflyswa.com because southwest.com was taken.
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Bombay.com was a link to Bombay Sapphire Rum, not Bombay Trading. I'm pretty sure this is why they went out of business.
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I believe for a while Delta.com was the faucet (or maybe the financial co.) not the airline.
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Whitehouse.com is also a favorite.
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Oh, Morrison & Foerster, a large law firm (> 1,000 attorneys), uses mofo.com instead of morrisonfoerster.com. Oddly enough, they own morrisonfoerster.com but it doesn't redirect to mofo.com, instead it shows a generic placeholder page.
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Relatedly, there was a cool list of "generic" websites in the form of a Sporcle quiz.
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The UK hardware chain B&Q uses diy.com as its domain.
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If your first guess for Python's (the programming language) website is not python.org, you're in for a wild not-safe-for-work shock.
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The onion used theonion.com for a long time until they finally convinced the guy who owned onion.com to sell.
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B&H (the massive photography/technology supplier in NYC) doesn't own bh.com or bandh.com, but instead uses bhphotovideo.com.
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The webcomic Penny Arcade uses penny-arcade.com, while pennyarcade.com brings up a generic page offering "What you need, when you need it".
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Australian clothing company Cue set themselves up as Cue.cc in the mid 90s.
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The cable channel Bravo owns BravoTV.com, not Bravo.com. I used to work there, and the rumor was that the president of the network, Lauren Zalaznick, used to keep Bravo.com as her browser start-up page to check every day if the guy who owned Bravo.com had either finally given it up or was trying to mooch off of Bravo's popularity and brand by running content that might get it confused for the channel, in which case they could sic the lawyers on him and try to grab the name.

The network's website was up for an Emmy again this year, and even the Emmy nominee listings put the wrong URL on their list.
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This is going back quite a ways to before the whole Internet gold rush, but there was an article in an early issue about Wired about how neither Mcdonalds nor Burger King owned their appropriate domain names.
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Following the airline theme, Northwest Airlines uses nwa.com. northwest.com is a site about travel in the Northwestern US.

It was the result of a legal battle rather than getting-there-first, but gmail.de is not the German Google Mail site, but rather a competing email service.
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Oasis (the band) use oasisinet.com.

Odd suffixes (there's probably a better term for this) are popular: five.tv, muse.mu.
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A lot of companies have their industry combined with their name for a domain, usually because someone else got their name. This is especially common when the company's name isn't unusual. For example, bicycle companies Trek and Jamis are trekbikes.com and jamisbikes.com; Giant is giant-bicycles.com.
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martinlutherking.org has been used by a racist/hate site while the legit site is slightly different.
Reference: http://www.religionnewsblog.com/23104/hate-group-7
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Music/video/book/game/etc. store chain Hastings uses gohastings.com.
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Freakanomics blog asked readers for answers to a similar question (nissan.com won). A lot of repeats of what was already mentioned here but some new ones worth looking into.
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peta.com used to go to People Eating Tasty Animals
I'm not sure what the 'normal' PETA used
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The musician Pink does not have pink.com, Dick's Sporting Goods does not have dicks.com

A counterpoint: BJ's Wholesale Club does have bjs.com, so I believe they must have been the first site on the Internet.
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Atlanta's transit system, MARTA, is found at itsmarta.com because marta.com is owned by a Spanish girl of the same name. She used to have a link at the very top of her page to direct you to Atlanta's transit site, but no longer does.
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Search engine AltaVista was originally at altavista.digital.com and eventually paid $3m for altavista.com
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emmys.com vs emmy.com
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apple.co.uk leads to an illustration company and not who you would think....
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ESPN is espn.go.com.
CNET News used to be news.com.com.
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re: pennyarcade.com

It used to be a personal / art site of a girl who called her self "Penny Arcade"... I assume that at some point she sold it or repurposed it for the hypothetical fat cash.
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Denver's bus system is unmemorably rtd-denver.com

Wheat Ridge Cycles (one of the largest bicycle stores in the country) is ridewrc.com
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ESPN used to be espn.com, the redirect to the go.com site happened after Disney bought them out. So I don't know if that counts.
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Following up on the cnet.com.com, my first ISP (Internet Atlanta) used to own www.com. This was about 15 years ago. It really confused the hell out of me when I had to type www.www.com to access their site... I didn't understand that the middle "www" was actually a domain name.
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Americaneagle.com is owned by a web development firm, and not by the clothing company or the airline.
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One of the Avis family of truck rentals (Ryder, Hertz or something along those lines) used to use yellowtruck.com as their domain but it isn't working now. They still own it however.
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Wilco the Band (that put out Wilco the Album) has www.wilcoworld.net instead of www.wilco.com, which I always thought was weird. I think wilco.com is about lasers.
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They also have the normal one now (and it redirects), but I always snickered at mmm.com.
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Free graphics editor Paint.NET was beaten to the obvious punch by Warren Paint & Color Co. ("the mid-south's leading paint manufacturer"!), but the company was generous enough to turn www.paint.net into a two-way redirect to either their main site at warrenpaint.com or the software site at getpaint.net.
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newyorkyankees.com wasn't originally owned by Steinbrenner.
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It's even more surprising to me when it's a web company doing it. 37Signals does this for all their products: , BaseCamp is basecamphq.com, Highrise is highrisehq.com, Backpack is backpackit.com, Campfire is campfirenow.com.

They started a bit of a trend, too: Harvest is getharvest.com, and there's a couple other "get" and "use" ones that are escaping me right now.

To me the mother of all "couldn't get the domain they wanted" was the Echo Bay Technology Group that launched a certain auction site.
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As I recall, White Castle (the fast food chain) didn't use to have (or at least use) whitecastle.com; since their slogan was "What You Crave" they used whatyoucrave.com.
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I have read that for a long time, holidayinn.com was owned by some little mom and pop motel.
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another airline, frontier.com is not Frontier airlines but frontier communications.
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World's biggest drilling rig contractor, Transocean. Not a carpet supplier apparently.
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A & W Root Beer is rootbeer.com.
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Another in the list of band names: Styx is at Styxworld.com.
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