Where can i get a shoe widener tool?
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I am looking for a shoe stretcher that will stretch so i can make shoes fit wider without having to wear them in. Not looking for the whole shoe stretcher, as that seems quite the overkill. Im not sure if there is a special name for a smaller tool just for width? What is the product that i need and where can i buy one online? I live in Canada. Thanks metafilter!
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You might try this method using ice to stretch your shoes. It seems that the placement of the bag of water might allow you to target the width.
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I have used, with every pair of leather shoes I have ever owned, the following technique:

1. rub a thin layer of petroleum jelly onto the areas of the shoe to be stretched or softened. Make sure the jelly is properly worked in - a little like bulling your shoes
2. Stuff each shoe pretty tightly with scrunched up newspaper
3. Leave overnight
4. Hey Presto! Beautifully fitting and comfortable shoes ready for you in the morning :)
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I just went to my local Moneysworth & Best and paid $10 to have them stretched. There's one in most malls and if they do it you don't have to worry about damaging the shoes if you mess up the home technique.
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I need my shoes stretched in just a specific part - across the width at the base of the toes. I have used the petroleum jelly method, but didn't completely stuff with newspaper.

I scanned around the house for something the perfect length to insert across the width of my shoe. For me it was a pocket knife, but I looked at all kinds of pill bottles, deck of cards, pad of paper, cassette tape, small pen etc.

With the pocket knife, on the second day, I inserted a dime at one end to give it just that much more length and stretched it another day. If you need the stretching in a different direction (high arches?) insert the object vertically instead of horizontally. Or look for a more solid round/oval object (tennis ball, coffee mug, ?)
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some good advice, thanks. the ice thing seems cool, but i need it in a specific spot rather than the whole shoe. Does anyone know what the name of the tool is so i can do some searches on the net?? i wouldnt mind doing some of the home remedy methods in combo with a pro tool.
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