Song about doing what to the Dallas Cowboys?
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(song id filter) As I was driving to work last week, I heard a song on our local college indie station about the Dallas Cowboys...

The guy was singing about rebuilding the Dallas Cowboys as robots so they could have a good team again. He definitely mentioned Troy Aikman and Deion Sanders. Normally I would just call the station and ask them what the song was, but I was driving and didn't feel comfortable dialing a number at that particular moment. By the time I got to work and had time to call they had switched DJs and I felt too stupid to ask the next one. I have no such qualms with you all apparently.

I've tried googling, but I cannot remember any exact lyrics. Just that it was definitely robots, Dallas Cowboys, Deion Sanders and Troy Aikman.
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What station was it? Some stations' websites have playlists online so you can see what song was playing at any given time.
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Response by poster: They don't. I've been to their website. I might just have to hope I hear it again sometime and then actually call and ask.
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Maybe just call in during a time when the same DJ is working? They'll certainly know. Or maybe the website has email addresses listed and you can email that particular DJ?
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If you type your zipcode into the upper lefthand search box of, it will give you a list of the nearby stations, and (if they have agreed to have their broadcasts monitored by MediaGuide's audio fingerprinting system) you can see historical playlists by clicking 'Song Log'.

a) This only works with tracks that have been 'fingerprinted', so really obscure stuff is almost never listed and
b) The interface makes me want to stab my own eyes out.

... but you may get lucky.
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Response by poster: They are not on the list from and because it is a college radio station the DJs are students whose schedules switch around on a pretty regular basis. I *think* the DJ at the time was one of the really annoying ones who tries to get people to call in and then talks about their calls on the air which is another reason I was reluctant to call in when I first heard the song.

The station manager is actually pretty cool and one time called my boyfriend back after he left a drunken message on the station's voice mail, so maybe I'll just call late at night when no one is working and ask about the song. Then I wouldn't have to talk to any of the student DJs.

I have some anxiety about making certain types of phone calls.

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Ok, I will call the station and ask-I'm dying to know the answer to this. We're longtime Cowboys fans here and my husband would love to hear this.
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Does the station not have a website? Almost every college radio station has one, and many of them have online playlists. All good ones have a schedule listed online where you can see a DJ's email address.
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Response by poster: They used to. You can listen to them streaming here.
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I used to work in a college radio station and we were required to write down every song we played. We didn't, however, write down what time every song got played, but they might. The sooner you call them the greater possibility you have that someone will actually go through the log and tell you what song was played.
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Response by poster: Ok. So if anyone still cares, I heard the song again today (yay), called and asked who it was. It is a local Lincoln, NE band. The song is called Rebuild Deion. Here is their myspace with the song.
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