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I heard a snippet of a song this morning on the radio. It was an awesome Star Wars theme mix and included a snippet of the Cantina Band song and later, R2D2 noises. I must have!

No clue what station was -- I'm in northern Michigan but I don't think it was Interlochen Public Radio. It was such a great remix -- not techno'd or anything, just a compilation off the soundtrack maybe. It would be awesome if you could point me to the compiler and where I could find it! Thanks!
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Best answer: was it this old one?
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Seconding Meco. The full cut is about 15 minutes - it's quite hard to find online, but worth it.
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Was it G3RSt's mashup (which puts the Cantina Song and some dialogue clips against Yolanda Be Cool's song We No Speak Americano)?
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Something from Uneasy Listening, perhaps?
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Response by poster: Yes, I think it's the old Meco; I probably heard part of the full cut. Thank you AskMe, I knew you could do it!
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