What's the name of the new Ying Yang Twins song where the guy whispers?
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Musicfilter: does anyone know the name of the new Ying Yang Twins song where the guy is whispering? It's sort of the exception that proves the rule, if you know what I mean.
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are you thinking of a pharrell-produced track?

that's his big gimmick this year. it's like in every damned track he does, just like that lil jon groove is in every track he's produced.
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Try this:

Lil Jon, The Ying-Yang Twins feat Pharrell - Stick that Thing Out...

Mail me if you need any more info
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Response by poster: Thanks, you guys. However, Stick That Thing Out isn't the one...I'm now pretty sure the track comes off their forthcoming album "USA (United State of Atlanta)." I heard it on LA's (mostly lousy) 100.3 The Beat, but can't find any mention of it on their website. Yarg!
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