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Can anyone tell who the artist/writer of the 1950s or 1960s adult comic strip in the photos inside. Links might me NSFW.

I was sent these 3 images, which appear to be scans from a book. here, here and here. Unfortunately, the sender wasn't the scanner and they dont know where the images are from.

There is a recurring "male chauvinist" theme to them and appear to be from the 1950s/early 1960s. What caught my eye was the heaping helpings of non-sexual female bondage.

There is some type of signature on each that might read "Ibigo", but googling that doesn't revel anything.

Can anyone shed some light on the artist or the book these are from?

Thanks in advance
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No help here, but your last two links are identical.

Looks Playboyish, so I'd guess it's from a "gent's magazine".

As I said, no help here, really.
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Best answer: Aha - it's Íñigo: see here.
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Response by poster: AzraelBrown - YOU ROCK!!!!!
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