Song ID: "but in a hundred years, I'll be right here..."
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[SongID filter] So I heard a song while shopping in the Banana Republic outlet store this morning, and I really liked it. [Don't judge me, Judgy Judgerton...] It sounded a lot like the Magnetic Fields (I'm still half-convinced the voice was Stephen Merritt), a little like M Ward, a little like Jens Lekman. It had a bunch of jangling bells, some shushy instrumental bedding, and the only lyric I can remember being repeated: "but in a hundred years, I'll be right back here." It's not a lot to go on, but by your powers combined ...
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It was definitely The Magnetic Fields: The Dreaming Moon. "But in a hundred years" is actually "but in the hundredth year", which is a detail that may have made searching by lyrics not so fruitful.
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thanks all. this song is lovely!
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