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Your opinion of the best deli in Toronto and please don't forget the pickle question.

I love corned beef on rye and other delicatessen type sandwiches. Pastrami is absolutely another favorite. I've never actually been to an real, honest to goodness deli ( mainly because I don't live near any) but I do live in southwestern Ontario and get to Toronto on occasion. So I'm thinking Toronto ( and area) should have a few. My mouth is starting to salivate as I write this.

So what in your opinion is Toronto's best deli at pretty fair prices for the food?

Bonus points if theres good parking closeby.
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Here's capsule reviews of 12 different places in town:

(obtained by choosing the first link from typing "best delis in Toronto" into google).

Note that Caplansky's (#1 on the list) has recently moved to a new location on College St....

I'm personally fond of Yitz's. If you're looking for "real, honest to goodness deli" ambiance, it's pretty nice.
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(And, from that same list, Mel's is no more...)
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I'm a big fan of Centre St. Deli - pleased to see they made it to #2 on the list above. A little out of the way (Thornhill) but it's totally worth it. And there is plenty of parking, at least.
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Yitz's, Centre St. and Moe Pancer's are my faves.

Caplansky's is pretty good, but much of it is hype over substance. If someone tells you that their smoked meat is as good as Montreal smoked meat, then nod politely, turn around, walk away, and never speak to that person again.
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What evadery says. I like a lot of the places here, but as a former Montrealer now living in Toronto - There is nothing here as good as Schwartz's in Montreal for smoked meat.
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Check out the Save the Deli blog - a lot about Toronto delis.
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I had hopes for Caplansky's smoked meat - it was really good one time out of the four I've been there.
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I'm a big fan of Wolfie's (featured in the BlogTO link above). Great smoked meat, juicy pickles, Vernor's ginger ale and Cott cream soda in the cooler. All the things a deli should be.

Pancers is good too, especially if I'm feeling something other than smoked meat (e.g. tuna and egg platter).

Never been to Caplansky's and don't really want to.
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Response by poster: Actually I was hoping to get a general consensus from members, not so much a top ten list from a single review page. One that really stood out. Thats why the "in your opinion" is in my question. But I did have a look at it ( the 12-1 best) anyways. I guess I'm going to have to try a few out myself.

Moe Pancers, Yitzi's, Center St. Deli, and Wolfie's ( gotta love the Vernor's) seem to be your choices. Looks like I'll have to do my own testing :-)

Thanks all.
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Response by poster: Top "twelve" list...sorry.
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