Strange Voices
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Recommend some music like Bon Iver's Woods, Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek, Beardyman, and some of Jamie Lidell - which feature nothing (or very little) but the human voice modified by electronics. Augmented acapellas, if you will.
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Björk's Medúlla consists almost entirely of human vocals.

If you want more beatboxing, Rahzel and Kenny Muhammad are amazing.
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Laurie Anderson - O Superman
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Emmy Rossum is definitely it.
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In terms of augmented accapellas I think you might like Wounded Knee. I've seen him play live and he is absolutely spellbinding...
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The Art of Noise - Opus IV
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Todd Rundgren released an album in 1985 called A Capella which is all voice (and a few handclaps). Some of it is straightforward a capella stuff, some of it is manipulated beyond recognition by samplers and filters.

YouTube: Something To Fall Back On (actual music video!), Lost Horizon, Miracle in the Bazaar, Blue Orpheus, Lockjaw, for starters -- it looks like that one user might have the whole album up there.

Hey, here's an old "Entertainment Tonight" story on the album!
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Witchcraft — "We Rest" (from the compilation, Slumberland). - Seems to need IE to play properly.

This one's pretty out there: Improvisation for Two Augmented Voice Performers - Nios Karma & Nicolas d'Ales
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It's a longshot given your criteria, but this Enya song, Ebudae, is primarily solo voice. It does have a simple beat and some kind of neat droning background sound. Her voice is not manipulated in an egregiously autotunish or computer sounding way, but you can tell it's pretty processed and smoothed.

Thought I remembered this one having processed background vocals, but guess not. Still very cool African-sounding acapella, and the background girls' repeated phrase starts to sound more like an instrument after a while. Zap Mama's Mupepe. Though you hit a button called "download" to get to the song, you then have the option to just listen if you want and not download.
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Phish did a cover of Free Bird completely a capella. I think it's amazing, the wife is scared of it. You can decide for yourself.
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Dokaka is worth hearing. he worked with Bjork on her Medulla album I think. Some amazing stuff with just a normal set of vocal chords
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Mal Webb may be the sort of thing you're looking for.
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Girlfriend just picked up a cd by Sonos that seems to qualify. All vocals. sometimes processed (or maybe just overdubbed, it's hard to tell). Reminds me of Imgoen Heap (and features a Heap cover).
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Panda Bear's Person Pitch has a heavy emphasis on vocals (with some really nice processing), though there are instrumental tracks they tend to be fairly minimal.

It's also my favorite album.
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Julianna Barwick released a new record recently named Florine. The entire album is vocal-only, the main difference between herself and the songs you listed is that most of her lyrics are indecipherable. Most of the album was written on the fly.
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Amy X Neuburg - some of her music has a lot of added samples, but much is almost entirely vocal.
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