Am I smart to buy this dumbphone... or not?
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I'm thinking about buying the Sonim XP3. Does anyone here own one or know someone that does? Asking primarily because I'll have to order it online; the only store carrying it is on back order and I can't futz with it before buying.

As someone who notoriously destroys things quickly and frequently, I can't see any reason not to spend more money on a dumbphone that has an awesome warranty and is virtually indestructible. I already have a Blackberry for Web access, don't IM on the go and abhor video games of all kinds. I'm really just looking for a contract-free Unicorn-proof phone; I'm happy with my tertiary devices, but have gone through a score of cheap, crappy, annoying contract-bound phones through AT&T.

If it matters, my current contract runs out a year from now with AT&T.

Please do not try to convince me to get an iPhone; I've already had one and sold it because I hate the touch interface and already own an iPod and a Blackberry for music/browser stuff, but the GPS feature would be nice to have.

Anyone own one of these things? Personal experiences? Negatives? Positives? Thank you in advance!
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