Big (Broke?) Lebowski
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I just finished watching the horribly mangled version of the Big Lebowski on Comedy Central. I never really thought about in all the times I watched it til now, but how do you think Lebowski pays the bills?
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I think the answer is clear.
posted by esch at 10:02 PM on December 22, 2004

The Dude abides, man, he abides.
posted by mwhybark at 10:05 PM on December 22, 2004

You know, little of this, little of that. His career's slowed down a bit lately.
posted by gubo at 10:22 PM on December 22, 2004

1. Bowling winnings?

2. He's a Little Lebowski Acheiver, but doesn't know it, and accepts anonymous checks? I doubt the Dude would question or reject anonymous checks.

3. He mentions the Port Huron Statement, or somesuch sixties manifesto. Perhaps Tom Hayden employed him as a shadowy contributor?

4. Donnie's his daddy.

5. Walter, to keep the Dude solvent and able to play, has counted him as a spouse for VA purposes (Walter of course has exploited all manner of VA's meager entitlements to do this).

6. He has Big South African diamonds in his bowling ball;

7. He's Bunny's daddy;

8. He collected from the Aryan Brotherfood in re Jesus's stint in prison;

9. He had insured the rug.
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He's a trust fund baby, of course. And he is late on his rent check, for some reason or another. He does get by, which is all that matters.
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Most likely he's a middleman in marijuana.

Now there's a song title!
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He says his briefcase has "uh, you know, uh, my papers, business papers," but I think he bogarted it from Marsellus Wallace.
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Plus, he's not Lebowski, he's the Dude.

Oh - did you mean the Big Lebowski? Maude has all that money. She said so. You wanna question Maude?
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I always assumed he was a trustafarian.
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Completely off-topic, and I apologize profusely, but did anyone else hear Walter say, while smashing the Corvette, "This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps!"?
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"This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps!"

Say it ain't so! Uggh. I think the worst dubbing I ever heard was a mangled Pulp Fiction that ran on the WB. Just ridiculous.
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It was bad. Really bad. I now have to go rent the movie, just so I can watch the unmangled version.
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I always assumed he was on disability of some sort. After all, he was a roadie for Metallica. Maybe he got hurt on the job or something.
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I vote for disability of some kind. Is there welfare in California?
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He works in the film industry, at least the real Dude does.
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He lives in a cheap apartment, his landlord has a crush on him so isn't too aggro about the rent being late, he doesn't spend any money on anything except Kahlua and milk.

And, uh, bowling winnings.
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One of the funniest sketches I ever saw on MADTV purported to show "The Sopranos" as edited for PAX-TV (nonUSFilter: a squeaky-clean Christian network).
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And yes, MrZero, that's what I heard in the TV version too. I thought it was a hilarious substitution.
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his mom died about 12 years ago, left him $60,000 in various cash and US savings bonds which he's been using to supplement his income from various activities. Getting stuff for people, running errands, etc. Plus he keeps his expenses low.
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I don't.
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