Zillions Magazine equivalents for Kids These Days?
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Are there any current equivalents of Zillions Magazine in any format?

Zillions was a fantastic resource for financial and consumer education aimed at kids, was published by Consumer Reports, and folded in 2000. Any format's fine, online or off. I'm more interested in finding modern publications or blogs with the same attitude (see link above) than in straightforward financial education, which is a lot easier to come by.
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I'm a librarian and at least once a year I try to cover something similar in my classes for older students. I've used lots of resources from media smarts based out of Canada. Their educational games are very good and only a little out of date.

Here is an interesting app that teaches about advertising app

I've also just down things like watch a movie with the kids and look for product placement. The best movie for this is back to the future two, but be prepared for inappropriate. Language.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything else, this is one of my favorite units.
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In Australia there's Money Stuff, a website and magazine put out by government consumer affairs departments. But I don't think the tone is quite what you're looking for, and the specifics are likely to be different.
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Response by poster: I haven't got kids and I'm not working in the education mines anymore, so my motivation's just to see what's out there that doesn't require adult mediation -- if Zillions still existed, it'd be a great gift for young relatives to read and enjoy on their own.

Thanks for the links -- those do look like great resources if not quite hitting the target I've got in mind. Sounds like this would be a great niche for a blog, maybe something that crosses Rookie, Consumerist, and Sociological Images, pitched at a younger audience.
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