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I have this old flight jacket which is getting old I would like to find something similar

I've had it for many years and it is starting to fall apart, it's also made of Nomex which is possibly the least waterproof cloth in the universe.
I really like its waist length and knit cuffs and waist band. I also like it's bi-swing back.
I've found this which is nice except that I don't like microfiber and the color choices are awful.
Can anybody suggest a reasonably priced lightweight water/windproof jacket that I might like.
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Alpha Industries has a nylon version of the CWU-45/P nomex flight jacket. Use promo code ALPHASHIP99 for free domestic ground shipping.
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Best answer: Duluth Trading Company has a Bush Pilot's Twill Jacket on sale. Coupon code T29PK7 will give you a $10 discount.
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Army/Navy stores (that's what we called them on the east coast instead of Military Surplus stores) will have tons of different styles of bomber-jackets. Just walk into one and look around.
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William Gibson-approved vintage flight jacket enthusiasts Buzz Rickson's have a nice range. Sadly they don't fit any definition of 'reasonably priced' though.
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Best answer: Gap has a twill Barracuda Jacket in pilot green.
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Response by poster: Thanks
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