Craigslist rentals near my current location on the iPhone?
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Is there an iPhone app (or location-aware website) that will show me Craigslist rentals near my current location?

Amazingly, every app I've looked at is either:
1. City-wide Craigslist listings that doesn't show stuff near me, or
2. Apartment listings near me, but not sourced from Craigslist.

I can't believe a need this obvious hasn't been addressed yet. Am I wrong?
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Response by poster: Oh, and two notes:

1. Craigsphone only uses the GPS in San Francisco, not NYC, where I'm looking.
2. PadMapper is completely broken. No listings at all.
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Response by poster: Actually, Craigsphone GPS works for identifying which neighborhood in Manhattan you're in, but I'm in Brooklyn.
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If I understand you correctly you're looking for apartment rental listings in NYC.

The iPhone has an app for This will allow you to search streeteasy's real estate listings (rental or sale).

However, I do not believe that Streeteasy has Craigslist ads as part of its database.
posted by dfriedman at 8:27 AM on September 13, 2009 has a New York section. It's slow on my iPhone but it's not Flash, so it does work.
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Yes. Padmapper
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Padmapper is broken? I used it just earlier today.
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Best answer: Hey guys, PadMapper dev here.

Thanks for letting me know about the PadMapper iPhone app being broken, it was indeed... it was the result of a stupid mistake when migrating servers.

I just fixed it, and it appears to be working here (also NYC). Please let me know if it gives you any sass where you are.
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Huh. The internet is pretty cool sometimes.
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