Best computer shop in Berlin with aggressive prices?
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In Berlin, what's the best computer shop with good prices and a wide selection of products? The prices seem to suck here. I need to buy a couple of 1.0 or 1.5TB USB2.0+IEEE1394B external HDDs and some 16GB SDHC cards in the next few days. Near Aleskanderplatz if possible.

I've found Saturn ( but the prices seem stupid, 30 euros for a 8GB SDHC card, which is $15 (10.50 euros) from Newegg... Hard drives that would sell for $110 in North America are the equivalent of USD$170 after the USD:EUR exchange. Is there a proper computer shop somewhere near Aleksanderplatz that has reasonable prices?

Perhaps I have been spoiled by years of ordering online in the USA from Newegg and Zipzoomfly, but the prices of computer stuff at retail in Germany seem rather high (even before the VAT). I'll be taking the tax refund at the airport on the HDDs when I leave.
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Try this one
especially for components and for apple stuff (not only).
it seems to me that this store is or was run by people from CCC (chaos computer club), this german bulk of hackers...
they are not easy to find, pass an archway on Kastanienalle. From Alex really reachable.
Media Markt is similar to Saturn (both on Alexanderplatz)
prices in Germany are higher than in the US for all hardware.
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oh, one more place to look can be Conrad electronics,, with shops in Schöneberg and Kreuzberg. But they are more a general hardware store, less computer stuff. you can browse their offers on their site.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Fuxdata looks easy to find, I know where the Eberswalder and Schonhauser Allee U-Bahn stations are so it is a short walk. I will check them out tomorrow. I think I saw a Media Markt in Koln several weeks ago and it had a good selection of SDHC cards and other things.
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and one more addition, fuxdata is a small store, so not sure for wide selection of products, it could make sense to give them a call before.
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