I wanna compare two sooooongs
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Does anyone know of an MP3 player or a plug-in for an MP3 player that will allow me to do A-B comparisons? Basically I want to load two different mp3 files start them both at the same time and then have a switch that lets me switch back and forth between them.

Mostly I want to compare the 2009 remastered Beatles songs with the originals.
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Best answer: You can do this fairly easily with custom intervals between two files by making a cue sheet and then loading it into Winamp or foobar2000.

If you'd like to empirically test the similarity of the two versions - e.g., verify whether you can actually tell the difference in a blind test - than foobar2000's ABX comparator plugin is the way to go.

Alternately, you could load both into Audacity and play one through each channel on a pair of headphones (downmixing to mono for each if there's not great stereo correlation in each to begin with) and then see how that sounds.
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There is à Dj-mp3 player that has two little turntables that let youfade two diff songs in and out. Can look for the Link when i get home if that sounds interesting?
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Response by poster: Thanks Iteki but after installing the foobar2000 solution Inspector.Gadget suggested I have exactly what I was looking for.

I'm going to download some of the new Beatles re-mastered tracks today.
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No worries, glad it worked for you! Will post the link for posterity in case the turns up in somones search anyhow

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