What is this kudzu-like plant in my Toronto neighbourhood?
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What is this kudzu-like vine that grows in my neighbourhood in Toronto?

It behaves very much like kudzu not only in the way it quickly takes over and chokes out other plants but it also spreads by runners and rhizomes, and produces seed pods only for a short time in the fall. The photo linked above shows both the flowers and the seed pods, but these are usually not present.

The main difference between this plant and (what I've read about) kudzu is that this plant has nettles that sting. Well, that and the fact that it thrives in Toronto.
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Response by poster: The neighbourhood in question is South Riverdale, in case that's useful information.
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common moonseed?
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more moonseed pics; I think it not that after all, since it doesn't have your biggish seedpods, and has smooth margins unlike what yours seems to have.

Maybe bur cucumber?
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I don't know the exact variety, but it definitely looks like a member of the cucurbit family.
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