How do you get embedded .wmv files to play in Firefox?
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I just started using firefox, and for a while all was good, but recently firefox has stopped playing WMV files that are embedded in web pages. I'm not exactly tech-savvy, so anyone know how to get them to play? It was in this link that the problem first popped up.
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I don't know myself, but the people on the #firefox IRC channel are extremely helpful, and have always solved any Firefox problem I've had. They really want Firefox to win. There's info on web forum support too, in case no one on AskMe can tell you.
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What version of Firefox are you using? I know it didn't used to be able to deal with WMV files, but it works just fine for me, I'm WinXP, Firefox 1.0.
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Response by poster: I'm on WinXP Firefox 1.0 as well. It's really strange because .wmv files used to play just fine.
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Have you recently upgraded to the latest version of Windows Media Player?

Or, if you haven't, you should try. It's possible that the web content has been encoded using the latest and the version you have installed cannot play them.

Is WMP even loading in the page?

Grouse's suggestion is good. The Firefox forums are extremely helpful.
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I too have recently run into this...and I cant find any common thread, since some embedded content will play, and some wont.

For now, I have just been looking at the page source and grabbing the pure .wmv link which prompts WMP to open it just fine. (not the best solution, but I have been through the forums and irc chan to no avail :(

Let us know what you find !
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This happened to me too, but I'm pretty sure upgrading to the latest version of the media player solved the problems.
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