Tiny Tiny Shoe-eaters?
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This morning there were tiny insects crawling over the soles of my leather boots. What are they and should I get the flamethrower?

I have a pair of suede shoes with leather soles that I love. This morning, when I got them from the closet, there were maybe a dozen tiny tiny insects crawling over the soles. The insects were beetle shaped, whitish, and very small (less than a millimeter long).

Are they some kind of shoe termite? Moth-spawn? Should I be afraid for my sweaters?

I live in NYC if that matters.
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Could they possibly be fleas? Do you have pets or work with animals?
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No pets, but roommates.
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As a roommate of the OP who is slightly terrified to be finding out about this via Metafilter, can I ask if the bugs you found are any of the ones listed on this BugFinder?
Could they have been larvae of some kind?
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Could it be mites, like suggested here? You'll have to Google for pictures of grain mites yourself (I inadvertantly squicked myself out with that search).
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Fleas aren't white and neither are bedbugs. Did it look anything like this?
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Try a google picture search for booklice. Some of the pictures show fly-like beasts; apparently this is a rather large and divergent group of bugs. There are others too: the ones I know are typically tiny and beetle-shaped and if living in closets, whitish-translucent as you describe.
The German Wikipedia article (Staubläuse) mentions that while they are in themselves not dangerous or anything, they indicate humidity, perhaps mold; thus they should not be driven away with poison but the background problem ought to be taken care of instead.
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If they were fleas they would not be crawling -- instead, they'd be jumping -- towards the handiest mammal.

It's no help to you but I remember my brother discovering his baseball glove in the attic after decades of negligence -- and a closer look showed it be crawling with tiny insects. He was so horrified he threw it into a dim corner and nobody's seen it since.
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They look like grain mites to me. Hooray for harmless bugs.
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