How can I watch as much of the X-Games as possible?
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How can I watch as much of the X-Games as possible, especially now that the event has passed?

I love watching the X-Games every year, but it always turns into a serious pain in the ass. This year, it was particularly bad because I missed all the advertisements and by the time I realized it had already happened, they were no longer showing reruns every night. I managed to DVR a few hours of footage, but it left me even colder than it normally does. Lots of it was repetitive, there were many events I didn't get recorded, and there were gaps in what they did cover.

So I go to the ESPN website to see what videos they have to offer there. For most of the big events, there's a short, 2-3 minute bit with footage from the gold-medal run. Sometimes it's just highlights, not even the full run (even for a big event like BMX vert). Some events might as well not exist as far as video is concerned. And that's it. I can't find crap anywhere else. I can't even find bittorrents for the original broadcast. I'd gladly sit through advertisements to watch this, but I'm not even given that chance. What does ESPN do with all that footage? That question is more rhetorical than anything else. But does anyone know where I can find it?

Of course the live coverage itself leaves a lot to be desired. Stuff chopped out during commercial breaks, preliminary rounds uncovered, less-than-popular events skipped (or given the highlight-reel treatment). I've almost given up hope on watching the rest of the events, but if somebody knows someplace that has decent-quality video of that stuff, I would be ecstatic.

(Personally, I'm more interested in the artistic events (street/park/vert/whatever (I miss flatland)) than the races, but others who share my frustration may be looking for those, so feel free to post links for that too, if you have them.)

And a side request: if anyone knows where I can get good video coverage of other "action" sports events (I don't get Fuel TV), that would be great too.
posted by ErWenn to Sports, Hobbies, & Recreation (2 answers total) has everything you need. unfortunately you need to be on a verizon broadband connection.
posted by wayofthedodo at 2:00 PM on September 3, 2009

Actually, it seems to work fine on my non-Verizon broadband connection. Had to install their plug-in, but it seems to be working. Thank you, wayofthedodo. This has got a lot of what I wanted.

Man. I see so many advertisements in a day that it always astonishes me when something like this slips by my radar.
posted by ErWenn at 3:43 PM on September 3, 2009

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