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I love Chris Brown's song "Forever." Help me find more like that.

Specifically, I like the upbeat mood of the song, the "dancey-ness" of it, and I LOVE the Auto-tune sound that they used (let the hate mail begin...). I want to find similar songs. Due to my love for AutoTune, I have all the T-Pain music I need for now, thank you very much. What else can you suggest that I might love?
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It doesn't have autotune, but I love Get Me Bodied by Beyonce. It is upbeat and dancey, and about dancing. Plus the video is cute.
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That song reminds me a lot of "I gotta feeling," the new one from Black Eyed Peas ... so much so that I cynically wondered if they didn't rush that song out when that wedding dance video went viral.
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On a totally different auto-tune tip (but similarly/weirdly uplifting) is "Woods" by Bon Iver.
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Check out "Love Lockdown" and "Street Lights", both by Kanye West.
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Ooh, also "Closer" by Ne-yo.
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Give Shakira's "She Wolf" a listen. It's chock full of autotune.
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Believe, by Cher.
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Ok, here comes the insanely popular songs. Sorry.

Daft Punk uses AutoTune a lot, popular song is Harder Better Faster Stronger (which you may recognize from it's use by Kayne West in Stronger)

Of course, Kayne did a whole album of AutoTune.

T.I. featuring Rihanna - Live Your Life (which sampled Dragostea Din Tei, the "numa numa" song which also sounds like it has AutoTune.)

And of course, Lonely Island (feat. T-Pain) - I'm On a Boat.

Also related - Neil DeGrasse Tyson for NOVA ScienceNow looks at AutoTune, and 10 Abuses of Auto-Tune.
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Best answer: Yeah, "Forever" is my dirty little secret. I love, love, love that song. So here's what else I like:

Down (Jay Sean) is getting a lot of radio play lately and reminds me of that genre.
Shooting Star (LMFAO) (has dancey-ness, no autotune)
Run This Town (Rihanna & Kanye West) if you can ignore the irony there
Knock You Down (Keri Hilson, Kanye West & Ne-Yo)
Fire Burning (Sean Kingston)
anything by Cascada

WKSC and WBBM in Chicago play tons of this stuff - I'd poke around their sites or listen online if you're not in the area.
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Try using Pandora. It's free, and you start a station by just putting in a song or artist you like, and then it will play other songs that are like that song, and you can tell it thumbs up or thumbs down to guide it. You can find a lot of music that way. (No, I don't work for them.)
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Response by poster: Excellent ideas so far! FWIW, I'm already a huge fan (and owner of) "Believe", "I'm on a Boat" and "I gotta feeling", so you guys are on the right track! I'll check out the rest of them soon and get back to you. Keep 'em coming please!!
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"Do It To It" by Cherish
"Satisfaction" by Eve
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