Need Sandwich shop or cheese shop name
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What is a good name for a specialty Sandwich shop OR a Cheese/Wine store? I cannot get off 'Witchcraft which is so darn Clever!!
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'Wichcraft is a chain sandwich shop here in NYC; if you're anywhere in the area, I'd avoid using that name or one too close to it.
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FYI, "'wichcraft" is already taken.
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What about "Nellebee's"? Honestly, I think people overthink the cutesy-cute names; if you look at some of the more successful businesses, they're just named after the people who formed them. Plus, a store name based on a person's name has the added benefit of sounding like a store that's been around a much longer time (which is good for Cheese/Wine) and someday you might meet someone and hear "Oh, not THAT Nellebee, right?" to which you'll be able to smugly reply "Yes, THAT Nellebee."
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and while in the above I meant "Nellebee" as in "whatever-your-real-name-is", I have to say I would eat a specialty sandwich from a place called "Nellebee's", in a heartbeat.
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Oh! I am sorry, i know that 'wichcraft is a nyc shop, i meant to say that i admire that name, and was looking for something similar.
Thanks for the great comments thus far!
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Yeah, nothing too cutesy. A nice simple name, preferably yours, says just the right thing.

There was a cheese and wine shop in the town where I grew up that went in a space where a grocery store called Art's used to be. They named it "That Cheese Place Where Art's Was".

Ugh. The other one was "C'est Cheese". Guess which one still survives, 20 years later?
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Specialty sandwich shop I would call...hmm..... Special Sandwiches
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Port. Cheese. Spread!
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Any Port in a Storm has to be taken already.
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Ok, Aquaman, I'll bite and guess that "That Cheese Place Where Art's Was" is still in operation. What do I win?
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The Cork and Pickle

(for wine/sandwich)
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I always like it when you can tell what a shop's selling from the name. There's a fantastic little shop a town over that sells paintings and wine, and it's called "Art & Wine". Simple and incredibly effective. I imagine "Cheese & Wine" or "Wine & Cheese" are probably not realistic options, but sticking a name in front (as has been suggested and explained by others, so I won't bother) will make it unique, and lend it some automatic gravitas.
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Bzzzt! It's C'est Cheese that's the winner. The other one disappeared right around the time people forgot where Art's used to be.
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Oh Sweet Cheeses
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Have to second that I would buy food from a Deli or sandwich place called Nellebee's without a moments thought. Especially as cheese shop or deli, I guess because the cheese shop I rate is called Mellis's.
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How about: Craftwich. Also clever but (maybe) a little more subtle.
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" 'Wich hunt"? ( This will require you to offer toasted sandwiches, "burned at the stake". :-D )

"That's Decent!" ( Yes, there used to be a place with this name, long ago... )


Honestly? "Nellebee's" is really the best idea submitted so far.
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"Tiny Violins" is a great name for a cheese and wine shop because that's what you play for whiners, and it's a cheesy joke.

For a sandwich shop, I'd go with "Things Between Things". I would TOTALLY get a sandwich from Things Between Things.
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I don't have a specific suggestion, but rather an anecdote:

If it's a wine/cheese shop, those are typically upscale and classy, and customers want to perceive them that way. There is a place near me in L.A. called "Say Cheese Cafe." They have a plain green awning and no logo to speak of.

I resisted going in for two years, because it just looked so plain and unappealing, and the name was so cheesy (sorry). I figured a place that put so little thought into presentation would never be able to deliver on high-quality food.

I finally went in anyway and guess what? it's FANTASTIC. But I have to imagine they are losing a lot of business with the corny name.
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Nobody Eats the Whiz
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This is rather cheesy, but how about a play on pronunciation for the wine/cheese store:

The cutesy Anglo-Phonetic version: Da VinCheese
The "classy" (but still pronounced the same way): Da Vinci's

Added bonus: A logo using Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man holding a block of Parmesan in one hand(s) and a glass of wine in the other(s), making the famed proportions truly perfect, in my opinion ;)

All puns intended! Tip your waitress & try the veal!
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drjimmy11, Say Cheese has been in business for over 20 years, so I don't think the corny name is hurting them. My friends and I though, we call it Say Expensive.

I *love* the idea of Oh Sweet Cheeses. For a sandwich place, you could call it The Witches of (your city or neighborhood here) to play on the wich/witch theme.
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Yeah, Nellebee's is honestly the best one so far. Maybe Nellebee's Wine and Cheese?
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How about 'The Cask & Wheel Eatery?'
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Sandwich related:

Bread Ends (A stretch... think Bookends.)
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It kind of looks like you would pronounce NelleBee's such that it would rhyme with Deli-Please.
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Well I see by your profile that you are in Seattle. You and your clientele probably speak West Coast/General American English. That makes your job easier.

I point that out because cutesy names often sound either stupid or incomprehensible to people with regional accents. I've related n-number of times on these boards how Subway had to run ads in New York to explain what a sub was, since most New Yorkers call them heroes*. Unless your planning on creating a national chain, this isn't a concern I guess.

That being said, I agree with most other people that cute-sy names are overused. Frankly if you don't want to use Nellebee, I'd *definitely* go to a sandwich shop or a wine and cheese store called "Acme Sandwiches" or "Amalgamated Wine and Cheese." It's so deliberately un-glamorous and cute that I'd take notice. Get in on it before ironic hipsters make those names - cute.

-but that is one very, very, cynical data point.

* apropos of nothing, and speaking of cute, I always thought that Subway should have had an ad with a woman dressed up in so-called Native American costume saying "You call them heroes. We call them subs."
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You could also go with high-level satire of goofy restaurant names ... so ...

T.G.I. McGillicuddy's Good-Thyme Happy Face Cheese and Sandwich Affair
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Nthing Nellie Bee's.
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Since Seattle is a pretty tech-savvy city, you could call it <sub>shop</sub>.
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Admittedly as an expat, and though I really, really like it*, in terms of soniferous-ness, Nellebee's sounds (reads?) to me slightly too much like Applebee's, if you want to get into the discussion of (ugh) "brand recognition" in the future.

"Nehl-ley-bee's"/"Nel-ee Bees"
"Ap-puhl-bee's"/"App-le" Bees"

* At least how I want to pronounce it, "Nellebee's" is quite lovely at first read. But then I twigged to how familiar it sounded.

If, different to your MeFi handle, you have/find a nice-sounding unique name to use as a possessive, then more power to you. Also consider that I'm not your target market, so you might want to ignore how I pronounce things...;) Good luck in any case.

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What a Friend we have in Cheeses (bonus point to locate yourself near one or more churches).
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Cheese Louise or Cheese Us
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Sandwich Shop, except with lots of umlauts.
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Drink 'n Stink
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Tasty Tasty
Vino Pecorino
Wine and Dine
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One Chick's Wine & Cheese
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I've long wanted to open a cheese shop called Cheeses of Nazareth in Nazareth PA.

I'd always imagined it as a bakery, but you could have a sandwich shop called


Where it would be lightly s&m themed. Ie, you wouldn't have your bread sliced, you'd have it punished.
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Knuckle Sammy's
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I like just "Cheese and Wine." Where do you want to go for lunch? How about Cheese and Wine? Great! Also, the t-shirts would be a fashionably cryptic in-crowd thing, like In-n-Out Burger. They'll sell like hotcakes.
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~Who Cut The Cheese~

~The Sand Witch~

~Sharkeys Shandwitch Shop~

~Neelebees On A Roll~

or just...

~On A Roll~

~Chez Cheese~ To riff off off the previously mentioned ~C'est Cheese~

~Homage du Fromage~

~To Brie or Not to Brie~

...and of course ~Sweet Cheesez~ and ~Cheeeses of Nazereth~ both specialize in
~Holy Cheeses~ correct?

To bad your not in S.F. ~Swish Cheese~ anyone?
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maybe if you specialised in mild, miniature varieties, it could descriptively be named "sweet baby cheeses" - with decorative statues as a specialty.
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