Dog nail trimmer
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Good dog nail trimmer?

I searched the archives and couldn't find anything on this one. I'm sure someone can prove me wrong though...

Anyway, I'm looking for a quality nail trimmer for my dogs. One of them has black nails and I don't want to risk cutting into the quick. I'm looking for something that has a depth limiter (or something like that) to ensure safe cutting. I don't want my dogs to associate clippers with pain, you know?
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Best answer: My girlfriend uses a Dremel to grind 'em down.
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Best answer: I use a Dremel too. The dog doesn't love it, and you have to be careful that it doesn't get too hot, but I've never hit the quick. Plus it was a great excuse to buy a Dremel.
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Safari and Bamboo both make very good nail trimmers that should have depth guards. Keep styptic powder handy...cut nails often enough and you WILL hit the quick eventually.
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Interesting, I would never have thought of a Dremel. FWIW--in surgery when a "burr" has a potential to get hot, we drip saline (or water) slowly to help cool down the surface area.
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Best answer: Dremel. I will never go back to clippers. A Dremel gets them shorter, neater, smoother and doesn't hurt (even good clippers squish the nail a bit). Just do it properly.
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I have a trimmer with a depth limiter -- they're fairly common, you can get 'em at Petco and whatnot. I also have a Dremel, which was shockingly effective, but it takes a long time (or perhaps I'm just not good at it, but I'm super-conservative about the heat factor).

Always give your dog treats and love afterward, so they associate nail-trimming with good feelings.
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Yeah, Dremel is the way to go, but it requires either a very accommodating dog or a team of assistants trained in animal restraint. I agree with vito90 -- do the best you can, and don't be afraid of the occasional quick. Many dogs don't even seem to feel it. If you don't have styptic powder, cornstarch is a very good alternative.
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A Dremel requires taking your time and teaching the dog to offer paws, letting you hold paw, etc. Just a few short steps and you're good to go.

Most dogs are perfectly okay with the Dremel. All the groomers I know of use a Dremel.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. I guess it's time to pull the Dremel out of the garage...
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Late to the thread, but to pile on to the Dremel bandwagon, with a model suggestion...

I've used several types of Dremels in the past (rechargeable Mighty Mite, corded Dremel, corded flex-shaft) but one day I noticed a new Dremel called the "Stylus" with a lithium ion battery and a pistol grip shape. I bought it on a lark, fully expecting to take it back due to the weird shape, but as soon as I tried it I fell in love with it. It was *so much easier* to maneuver around each nail. I use the small sandpaper drum. (I have smallish dogs. The small drum seems very resistant to tangling coat, which I have done in the past with the bigger drum.) The battery performance, both in charge capacity and 'stand time' is significantly better than the old cordless mighty mite. The stylus is quieter than my corded models.

I've heard there is a also screwdriver now in the same form factor - I will most definitely be buying one.
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Has anyone used that Peticure thing? It looks like a much cheaper Dremel.
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Response by poster: I've tried the peticure (or something similar with a different name) and it wasn't great. The TV made it sound awesome but reality kicked in when I tried to use it. Weird angle + lack of power.
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