Are these stress caused health conditions?
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I've worked a lot the past few months (but will be done in a few weeks) and have noticed a few physical changes. Could stress cause these conditions? (1) When I wash my hair in the shower, I lose a couple dozen hairs down the drain (although I don't seem to be balding) (2) My right eye has started twitching several times an hour (I can feel it but my friends can't see the twitching). (3) I've gone from about 5 to about 50 grey hairs the past year. I'm a 24 year old male.
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When I get really stressed out, I get a slight twitch in my left eye. IANAMD but there's my experience.
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All my eye twitches are (/were) caffeine-related. Do you have a consistent intake of caffeine? More or less than usual can give some people tics and facial twitches.

My husband started getting a lot more grays at about that age, could be normal. How's the family history of hair?

More hairs in the shower - is your hair longer than usual? Longer hair looks like way more hair in the drain. Just offering some possible alternative scenarios.
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I get a left-eye twitch when I'm stressed out and not sleeping well. Once it starts it goes on for a few days until I catch up on my zzzzs.

My doctor said that eye twitching is "normal, annoying, and harmless", but please don't take my word for it if you're worried!
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When I get really stressed out, I get a slight twitch in my left eye. IANAMD but there's my experience.

me too. Happens when I am super stressed and totally freaks me out.
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Losing a little bit of hair every day is normal. An increase in the amount of hair you're shedding could be due to telogen effluvium - essentially, physical or mental stress can cause some of the hairs on your head to stop growing, and about two months later the hair falls out. Telogen is a normal part of the hair growth cycle, and new hair grows in to replace the old hair - this is just a matter of a greater percentage of the hairs on your head being in the end stage of the growth cycle at the same time.

It happens to me every now and then - I don't shed too much, but if I get really sick/depressed/stressed, two or three months later I'll start seeing a lot more stray hairs on my brush for a couple weeks.
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1) This happens all the time. 2) This happens to me when I'm tired 3) I started getting a lot more grey hairs at that age. Ten years on and I have a mix of silver and dark hair.

In short, these things wouldn't lead me to freak out. Having said that, it's always a good idea to have a physical if you haven't had one for a while.
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I had twitching eye problems when I did A LOT of reading. In a previous job, I was constantly reading technical documentation during the day, then relaxing with a good book at home in the evening. When I would reduce the reading time at home, the problem would go away. When I would resume, the twitching would return. If you've been working hard, as you described, something to consider.
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Same stuff happened to me at same age while in law school. Hard to avoid the stress in certain situations, but that's what it is, in my non-MD-having opinion.
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24 year old male weighing in. I don't have grays, but I blame a lot of my hair loss on stress, especially in college. In the last two years of college my hair line receded quite rapidly, which of course further stressed me out, and pretty soon it was turtles all the way down.

Nothing you can really do, except for any of the usual stress reduction things. And of course, IANAD.
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yep, 24 was about the age my hairline started to recede, my ear-fuzz broke the levee, and I saw the beginnings of mentat eyebrows. via plinth
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Once I took a month off from refined sugar, and for a few weeks after that, my eye twitched like crazy any time I ate something particularly sugary.
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I started greying at 18... my sister at 16
My spouses eye twitches with stress all the time.
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Maybe get a thyroid panel done too. I had some of your symptoms and also had hypothyroidism. Common and easy to treat with medication (I have generic levothyroxine) that isn't expensive...
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(1) Totally normal.
(2) Happens to me when I am stressed, overcaffeinated, underslept.
(3) ??
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Regarding the eye twitching, I have a colleague who went to the doctor about this and was ordered off work because computer screens were aggravating it. She also wore an eye patch. It was only for one day or so and I am told it worked. You might wish to speak to your doctor if you want the twitching to stop - s/he might be able to help.
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