Oh nos! My favorite headphones are dying!
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I love these headphones because the cord retracts. Brilliant, right? Yeah, Sony stopped making them. What other headphones can do this too?

I asked this question before, but didn't get my point across before the question got stale and forgotten. I went out and bought several of them after learning of their discontinuation, but I'm finally on my last pair, and they're on their way out...
I love the concept, and hate in-ear buds. Oh please help me!!
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This one?
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nexTag has an entire category for "retractable cord headphones". There's a lot of earbuds, but a few nice looking typical headphones.
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I had those headphones, and tossed them. They hurt my ears and sounded like hammering poo.
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I don't know about retractable - but let me recommend my Sennheiser HD570 Symphonies - the cord attaches with a mini-plug at the left earpiece - so when you forget they are on (which is easy to do, as they are easily the most comfortable headphones in the world) and walk away - they just unplug. I've had the same pair 10 years, and they've had tons of abuse. This also means you can replace the cord if it gets borked.
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